Mobile AR for “Gelbe Seiten”, Germanys No. 1 yellow pages

“Gelbe Seiten”, Germanys number one yellow pages, launched their augmented reality application developed by Hoppala. We provided a full-service solution for “Gelbe Seiten” from concept work, setup and design up to the actual implementation of the Augmented Reality experience and additional mobile web pages and testing. Hoppala can offer all these services combined. That significantly reduces communication overhead, speeds up development and makes project management very easy for our customer.

We connected the “Gelbe Seiten” layer to the existing Gelbe Seiten database, which means that every geocoded data of “Gelbe Seiten” is now available in Mobile Augmented Reality. We also created additional mobile web pages for every Gelbe Seiten item to show detailed information like opening times, ratings or fotos. Read more…

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Hoppala company video

Finally we have our first real company video! Founder and CEO Marc René Gardeya tells you about our work in the Mobile Augmented Reality industry. Hoppala is building content and content creation tools for Mobile Augmented Reality. We are building tools for everybody to create your own Mobile Augmented Reality experiences. We are one of the world’s leading Layar agencies and Germany’s first member of the Layar Partner Network. Read more…

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Workshop at PHP Usergroup Stuttgart

Today’s PHP Usergroup meeting was all about Augmented Reality. We dived into the backend technology of Mobile Augmented Reality and showed how to create a simple Mobile AR application on top of Layar using PHP. Read more…

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