Hoppala is the world’s largest content platform for geo based augmented reality

With more than 4000 10.000 registered developers Hoppala Augmentation is the world’s largest content platform for geo based augmented reality. Hoppala Augmentation is the “Dreamweaver” for AR. It seamlessly publishes your content to all three major AR browsers: Layar, Junaio and Wikitude. Create once and publish everywhere.

Hoppala Augmentation is the perfect entry point even for non-technical people to learn about augmented reality. University classes and workshops all around the world use Hoppala Augmentation to actually create AR content. The graphical web interface makes it very easy to build geo referenced content with just some mouse clicks, there is no software installation required and no coding needed at all. Learn more about this great example of an academic project based on Hoppala Augmentation: the San Diego’s School in the Park, hosted by Patrick O’Shea, Assistant Professor of Instructional Technology at Appalachian State University, USA.

Hoppala Augmentation is the foundation of many of our own projects as well. The 3D reconstruction of the Berlin Wall at historical sites around Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag and Potsdamer Platz, right in the center of germanys capital, was built with Hoppala Augmentation. “Berlin Wall 3D” highlights as a great example of where augmented reality is headed, it was covered by german weekly magazin DER SPIEGEL (english), german TV news “Abendschau” and uncounted print and online articles. “Berlin Wall 3D” is one of the most popular mobile AR showcases throughout conferences and market analysis all around the world.

I presented Hoppala Augmentation and “Berlin Wall 3D” at ARE2011 and the O’Reilly Where 2.0 Conference in San Francisco Bay Area, at XMediaLab Sweden, at MobileMonday Berlin and many other events. I was on stage at ARWorld together with four times Emmy Award winner Dale Herigstad, held one of the three keynotes at MobileTechCon together with speakers from Google and Microsoft and presented Hoppala Augmentation and “Berlin Wall 3D” at the VW innovation ThinkTank 2bAHEAD.

I have talked to hundreds of our 4000 7000 registered developers over the last year. I learned what they built, I learned what they needed, I learned what worked and what didn’t. And I got much advice on how to make Hoppala Augmentation even better. Many thanks for the great feedback go to all the Hoppala developers.

About Marc

Marc René Gardeya is founder and CEO of Hoppala Agency, Germany. He built and operates Hoppala Augmentation, the world's largest developer community and content creation tool for geobased AR, and he received international recognition for rebuilding the Berlin Wall in AR on a consumer mobile device. He built AR experiences for several international campaigns, large scale tourism applications as well as non-profit educational projects. Marc is developing core technology in the field of mobile augmented reality and computer vision. He built the real time SLAM 3D optical tracker and the foundations of the monocular 3D reconstruction system on an iPad2 for Dekko Inc., San Francisco. He is an international speaker, mentor and trainer. Marc has a Masters degree in Mathematics and Computer Science and has been working in the field of software engineering for more than 10 years.
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45 Comments to Hoppala is the world’s largest content platform for geo based augmented reality

  1. Norma says:

    This service was able to catapult our organization into three different AR worlds, saving us time and money. Thank you for making this resource available to us.

  2. Luis Villarejo says:

    Hi there,

    At the Open University of Catalonia we have used Hoppala to conduct a collaborative learning experience around Cultural Heritage and landscape. Around 50 students have now participated in it and more than 300 POIs have been created. Hoppala has been a key part of the “Landscape and Augmented Reality” experience and has contributed very significantly to its success.


    Luis Villarejo

  3. Ross Matthei says:

    Hoppala is an invaluable tool when it comes to any AR work I am doing. Whether the project be of professional nature, or I’m using it to teach a class, it offers an exceedingly simple and functional interface to get started with Augmented Reality.

  4. ARDEN says:

    very useful platform.
    Thanks for all!

  5. We’ve used Hoppala on a few projects and love it!

  6. Reg E. says:

    I am excited to use Hoppala as my entry point into AR. The interface is simple to use and the backbone of my AR initiatives.

  7. John Beatty says:

    We had a university workshop sponsored by an NSF grant and the instructor had us use Hoppala. Got me going right away.

  8. Lothar Worm says:

    Ich habe mit Schülern ein Layar-Projekt gestartet.
    Euer Service macht dieses Projekt erst möglich.

    Herzlichen Dank und weiter so

  9. Brian Dever says:

    Your service has help me greatly and I see bigger things happening as I continue to educate the public in my area about AG (Augmented Reality). I will continue to build on your platform and any additions or advice will be appreciated. Keep up the good work of providing this platform to the AG world.

  10. Hoppala is fast easy to use and great for creatives. We have adopted Hoppala in our Interactive Design & Media graduate and undergraduate Mobile classes. Our students started using it right away with no issues.

  11. DC Spensley says:

    Hoppala worked very well for me for locative AR projects. It is easy to use and logically designed. I had heard about Hoppola through academic artists that I know and then took a workshop with John Craig Freeman to learn Hoppola. I have used Layar and BuildAR which prepared me for basic concepts used in Hoppola.

    Good work you guys. Please keep me updated on any updates of the project.


  12. mohamed hisham says:

    Hoppala Augmentation was very useful for me as it eased the integration with Layar Augmented Reality Browser. It aided me in my university project of an AR workshop. Thanks very much Hoppala.

  13. Last year I did a quick proof-of-concept project for out design team to show Hoppala makes it easy to create AR layers for 3 different AR browsers. The PoC project labeled and added building and trail information to one of our local cross country ski parks, making it easy to see what is nearby WHILE people are out on the trails. The workflow is so easy!

    This year I’ll be using Hoppala to present a low-barrier way to build AR contribution platforms to support activities in K-12 and higher ed classrooms. Hoppla is extremely useful, and I’m very thankful it is accessible to educators.

  14. Patrik Johansson says:

    I learned to create my first AR-experience with Hoppala. By using it at work, I was awarded a national travel-scholarship/grant from Sweden’s cadastral authorities and ESRI Sweden. The grant took me to SIGGRAPH ASIA 2011 in Hong Kong where I met the founders of Layar, among others.
    I also created a treasure hunt for my kids where I learned how to use different media. They didn’t like it anyway, they say it’s because they had to walk 834 meters to find the hidden candy!
    Hoppala made it all happen! Thank you!

  15. At the Institute for Speculative Media we use Hoppala in our after school programs, teaching kids to make AR projects. It is a fantastic interface that helps kids enter the world of AR.

  16. Rafa says:

    Creating a project with my kids! They are doing well!

  17. richard rivera says:

    An excellent service, thanks to it I finally got inside AR on phones. Keep on improving its capabilities, specially on interactivity

  18. Hans Heijnen says:

    We used it Hoppala succesfully for the Layar app : Limburggreun

  19. Chin says:

    I have found HOPPALA is really useful and a fantastic service.. Many thanks guys.

  20. John Tinnell says:

    Hoppala is an essential platform for projects I assign in my college courses in new media studies and digital rhetoric. Without Hoppala, there’s simply no way I could incorporate AR production, since we often spend the bulk of class time discussing critical/theoretical issues. Students with little technical expertise can learn the basics of Hoppala in a day, and their amazed by what it enables them to create.

  21. El Servicio de hoppala es cool, muy facil de usar y con muchas aplicaciones. gracias por hoppala!!! xD

  22. Phil says:

    Great and easy to use system! Would recommend to others.

  23. 1st sgt Harold Smith says:

    We are using Hoppala to assist us in creating and displaying per-plans for the fire service as they come to a building. Pull out the iPad, point the camera and there is the commercial building plans before fireman enter. Safety :)

    Love it and the fact I don’t have to scan qrcodes, Microsoft tags o even NFC.

    Keep up the great work,


  24. Kranti says:

    Hoppala is a very useful tool indeed. Extremely user friendly interface and provides efficient user interaction for novice people as well.

  25. Matej Held says:

    You can make magic, when you conect Hoppala, Layar and some mobile web editor. You musn´t be technical type and it work. I love it.

  26. Ermanno says:

    I used Hoppala as a base for my map of gas stations that accept debit cards, which is not so common in Italy. My AR layers are on Layar (http://www.layar.com/layers/bancomat24ore/) and Junaio (http://dev.junaio.com/map/index/channel/54686/stream/false), and both use Hoppala.

  27. Hoppala helped me to create an augmented reality art piece titled “What Suits Us”. It was an easy way for someone with almost no programing skills to create an engaging experience. I have already recommeded it to several other artists.

    It still lacks some features, but overall it got the job done for me and I’m very grateful for that.

  28. Andrzej Zarzycki says:

    I taught an augmented reality class using Hoppala as one of the platforms. Most of my students (New Jersey Institute of Technology, NJIT) were designers with a various levels of programming competency but with strong graphic skills. It was very easy to develop layers for Layar and channels for Junaio using Hoppala. Some of the students stayed with Hoppala, others moved to using Layar with their own php coding, but for both groups Hoppala was instrumental in gaining a mobile AR competency. Even the group that ultimately started using their own coding used Hoppala as an effective stepping stone for other implementations. Thanks for a great product and we will be back.

  29. Rafael Ibáñez Hernández says:

    Hoppala helped me to implement augmented reality projects in a very simple mode, without great expertise. One such project is http://www.layar.com/layers/moverelbigote/, which are geo-located the posts in the blog http://www.moverelbigote.com/
    It has also allowed the conclusion of the “Paseos literarios por Burgos” http://www.aytoburgos.es/biblioteca/noticias-y-avisos/paseos-literarios-por-burgos to geotag the POIs that make up the different routes http://www.layar.com/layers/paseosliterariosporburgos/

  30. dan hodge says:

    brilliant platform, made our project a success when we were investigating AR, come to kendal and search “kendal” to see it in operation, the project blog is here http://kc-gd-school.tumblr.com/ without hoppala the project would not have happened, so thanks guys

  31. GreTICE, a research group at the University of Girona, has used Hoppala to create layers of augmented reality to be displayed using Layar. We created an educational resource on the legends of Girona aimed at schools.

    Using Hoppala is simple and powerful!

  32. We’re very happy with the partnership with Hoppala. The best tool for us to develop an Augmented Reality project very complete in our country.
    We’re increasing the number of POI’s so within the next year, every town will appear in our platform. This would be a huge and expensive work if Hoppala didn’t exist! Thank you Mark!

  33. mhh hadi says:

    Its very useful and shorten our learning curve of AR, fantastic! :)

  34. Utilizamos Hoppala para montar un sistema de Realidad Aumentada que incluye información sobre zonas de acceso restringido, dársenas turísticas, carril bus, etc. Poco a poco incorporando más elementos de movilidad en la ciudad de Granada.

  35. We used Hoppala to create an AR wayfinder for New York City’s biggest and most recent park, Fresh Kills — http://www.layar.com/layers/freshkills/

    Your POI editor interface provides a much needed intuitive creation of AR content that Layar lacks in their web tools. I am surprised that Layar has not acquired Hoppala for this purpose or come out with their response to this.

    Thanks from New York for the good work!

  36. Linda Dement says:

    I used Hoppala for an augmented reality artwork, placing giant scabies mites over infested wombat burrows and long wall coal mines in NSW Australia (both scabies and coal mines are burrowing parasites). Hoppala made the process easy, also they provided fantastic support when a couple of things didn’t work the day before the launch. They helped solve problems that weren’t actually their responsibility at all, but did so willingly and immediately. Hoppala’s generosity and skill is very much appreciated as well as their easy to use and very stable service. Thanks heaps! Linda

  37. Tamiko Thiel says:

    I have used Hoppala to teach introductory AR workshops at the University of the Arts in Berlin, at Duke University in the USA and at FACT Liverpool. The map interface for placing the POIs is very useful for conveying what AR is and does. It would be great if the system could be developed further!

  38. Belinda Dixon says:

    Hoppala has, quite simply, made our geo-located AR project possible. As very ‘non-technical creatives’, it’s enabled us to make the content accessible via Layar. It was a prototype (still not formally launched, but working in the final testing process), and funds were extremely limited – without Hoppala I honestly don’t think we could have made it. So huge thanks to you, and all good wishes for the future, Belinda

  39. Lorik Haxhiu says:

    It opened AR doors for me. Very simple to learn and use.

  40. I have used Hoppala to teach introductory AR course at the European Institute of Rome. The best tool for us to develop an Augmented Reality project very complete in my course. Thank you!

  41. I have used Hoppala when teaching my module on Augmented Reality at Plymouth University, UK and also for several art projects http://www.geroimenko.com/Augmented-Reality-Art . Excellent planform – simple and useful!

  42. KijkRuimte says:

    AR for all. Many thanks!

  43. Omar says:

    We have used Hoppala for a project we worked a few months ago, and i need to admit that it was very useful, very easy to work with, and very intuitive; The results we got were actually great, so i truly recommend it to every one interested in geo based augmented reality. Two thumbs up!!!

  44. Paul Thompson says:

    Hoppala Augmentation has been incredibly useful to me for it has enabled
    me to create works for my artistic research to be published through Layar.
    As I am not a programmer but a visual artist I needed the friendly easy to use interface which Hoppala Augmentation provides so well.

  45. Livia says:

    Hoppala is a wonderful platform for anyone who wishes to rapidly develop and test a POI-based AR app. A single entry point for 3 major AR platforms, works fine, friendly, helps concentrate on the content development. And scalable for so many users and content. I used it for 2 experimental AR apps on Layar and Junaio. What about a future support of Layar Vision?