Virtual Character walking around table top in Augmented Reality

I was a founding employee of Dekko, Inc. from December 1, 2010 through to January 11, 2013 and worked in the role of Senior Computer Vision Engineer, as the team grew from four people to ten.

I was responsible for the initial software architecture and the implementation of our computer vision based augmented reality system. Starting from academic research results, I implemented a real time SLAM optical tracker, and the foundations of our monocular 3D reconstruction system on a consumer mobile device. I also invented a monocular stereo initialization technique, developed the idea, sketched out the user experience and built a prototype to perform user tests. Eventually I built out the full initialization technology that was launched in the Apple App Store in mid 2012.

This video shows our SLAM based 3D reconstruction in action, enabling occlusion and collision of real world objects and a virtual character running in realtime on an iPad2.

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More Stuttgart Region Clusters

The Stuttgart Region Economic Development Corporation (WRS) published two more mobile augmented reality applications for regional industry cluster visualization today and proved professional usecases in mobile ar once again. Inspired by the great success of a very early Layar project back in summer 2009, the WRS decided to add creative industry and industry real estate data to the existing IT business information. With three mobile ar applications for Layar the Stuttgart Region Economic Development Corporation is one of the very early adopters of mobile ar in the professional business. Read more…

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3D Mobile AR game Woomba Mania

Whilst on a journey through the desert the Woombas – the main attraction of Senor Zambarinos traveling circus – managed to escape! El Grande Zambarino desperatly needs your help to catch them. In his indescribable generosity he’ll pay you muchos pesos. We teamed up with our long-time partner Superimpose again to create this beautiful three dimensional game in Mobile Augmented Reality. It comes with a lot of eye candy 3D characters, a sensible story line and rich user interaction.

Woomba Mania is nominated for the Augmented Planet Readers Choice Awards 2010 in the category “Best Augmented Reality Browser Content”. Vote for Woomba Mania here and win a fantastic Samsung mobile phone! Read more…

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3D Mobile AR campaign for U.S. restaurant chain Quiznos

Hoppala together with our North-American partner Winvolve developed the world’s first animated 3D layer for U.S. restaurant chain Quiznos. Quiznos is one of the premier quick service restaurant chains in the U.S. and pioneer of the toasted sandwich with more than 3000 stores all over the country.

Find restaurant locations nearby, enjoy mobile video and discover promotional animated 3D objects at various U.S. landmarks like the New York Stock Exchange bull on Wallstreet, the New York Yankee stadium or the Hollywood sign. Get a reduction on your next meal with mobile coupons. Read more…

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AR project at San Diego’s School in the Park

Patrick O’Shea, Assistant Professor of Instructional Technology at Appalachian State University, USA, created an awesome educational mobile AR game experiment for his classes in spring 2010. He created four beautiful stories with different characters and built a scavenger hunt like game-play around it. The AR part of the game takes place in the beautiful gardens of the San Diego Museum of Art. The whole setup and gameplay was powered by Hoppala Augmentation AR backend technology. We asked Patrick to comment on the project and tell us about the lessons learned with mobile AR technology. Read more…

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Mobile AR for “Gelbe Seiten”, Germanys No. 1 yellow pages

“Gelbe Seiten”, Germanys number one yellow pages, launched their augmented reality application developed by Hoppala. We provided a full-service solution for “Gelbe Seiten” from concept work, setup and design up to the actual implementation of the Augmented Reality experience and additional mobile web pages and testing. Hoppala can offer all these services combined. That significantly reduces communication overhead, speeds up development and makes project management very easy for our customer.

We connected the “Gelbe Seiten” layer to the existing Gelbe Seiten database, which means that every geocoded data of “Gelbe Seiten” is now available in Mobile Augmented Reality. We also created additional mobile web pages for every Gelbe Seiten item to show detailed information like opening times, ratings or fotos. Read more…

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Rhône Alpes tourism guides

The Rhône Alpes region is the first region of France to roll out Mobile AR tourism guides. We created several Layar applications in cooperation with HPSC and Sitra, the Rhône Alpes region tourism agency. Sitra provides more than 83.000 tourism related infos from all around the region and serves them to more than 270 local tourism agencies. We started with the seven cities of Lyon, Grenoble, Annecy, Thonon les bains, Le Grand-Bornand, Les contamines Montjoie and Chamonix. Read more…

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Berlin Wall 3D

The Berlin Wall is back – in Augmented Reality! Experience german history at an historical place, right in the middle of germanys capital. Use your handset to follow the wall at the former border line at Brandenburg gate, the Reichstag and Potsdamer Platz and experience the Berlin Wall in it‘s original size. Do you have an idea how it feels to have this huge concrete barrier right next to you? Go and find out. It‘s incredible! Read more…

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3D Mobile AR and Social: Hoppala goes Easter

“Hoppala goes Easter” is the 3D Mobile Augmented Reality easter greeting service developed by Hoppala. Choose from our selection of beautifully designed three dimensional easter eggs and place them wherever you want and even leave a message for your friends – on the web or directly from the mobile, right where you are. Find your friend’s eggs in Augmented Reality using the “Hoppala goes Easter” application for Layar. Walk around your eggs and enjoy attached audio. Read more…

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Outside Art 3D

In fall 2009 Hoppala joined the second Layar Beta Developers Programm to work with the newly announced 3D features before they went public.

We created the next-to-you layer Outside Art 3D to showcase the 3D models in Augmented Reality space. Outside Art 3D lets you explore lost art installations in a new local context: they appear just right next to you, no matter where you are. Read more…

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