Speaking at ARE 2011

I had the great honor to contribute to this year’s Augmented Reality Conference ARE 2011 in Santa Clara, California. My presentation was all about making AR technology accessible to non-technical people, it was about content management for geobased AR and cross-browser publishing. It was great to share and discuss some of the learnings from building the Hoppala Augmentation content platform.

Since the rise of the first mobile AR browsers I realized that building content in AR was very much about building technology in the first place. This was relatively complicated and might have eventually led to many non-tech people not even entering the scene. One of our early learnings was to decouple building technology and creating content, handing over the tech part to the tech people and letting the creatives concentrate on the content. This argument was one of the foundations of building the Hoppala Augmentation content platform.

Hoppala Augmentation provides an easy way for non-technical creatives to start experimenting with geobased augmented reality. It allows you to build your own augmented reality content with just some mouse clicks. It comes with a full screen map interface to place and edit augments all around the world. You can easily upload your images, audio, video and 3D assets and add them to your personalized inventory in the cloud. It simply runs in your browser, there’s no software installation required and no coding needed at all. Hoppala Augmentation even publishes cross-browser on Layar, Junaio and Wikitude.

Some people call Hoppala Augmentation the Dreamweaver of geobased AR. And there are certainly some similarities. In the very beginning of the web, when you wanted to build a website, you basically fired up an editor and typed in some HTML, right? Well, if you were a tech guy. If you weren‘t, you either became one, or you hired one. But at some point tools like Dreamweaver and Frontpage came along. And all of sudden, everybody could build an own website. What a dramatic game change!

With Hoppala Augmentation everybody can create their own geobased Augmented Reality content. Hoppala Augmentation is stable and market proven for over a year now and became one of the most popular and probably the largest content platform for geobased AR.

Many thanks go to Ori Inbar of Ogmento for inviting my to ARE 2011. I very much enjoyed being part of one of the most important events in the Augmented Reality industry.

About Marc

Marc René Gardeya is founder and CEO of Hoppala Agency, Germany. He built and operates Hoppala Augmentation, the world's largest developer community and content creation tool for geobased AR, and he received international recognition for rebuilding the Berlin Wall in AR on a consumer mobile device. He built AR experiences for several international campaigns, large scale tourism applications as well as non-profit educational projects. Marc is developing core technology in the field of mobile augmented reality and computer vision. He built the real time SLAM 3D optical tracker and the foundations of the monocular 3D reconstruction system on an iPad2 for Dekko Inc., San Francisco. He is an international speaker, mentor and trainer. Marc has a Masters degree in Mathematics and Computer Science and has been working in the field of software engineering for more than 10 years.
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