3D Mobile AR game Woomba Mania

Whilst on a journey through the desert the Woombas – the main attraction of Senor Zambarinos traveling circus – managed to escape! El Grande Zambarino desperatly needs your help to catch them. In his indescribable generosity he’ll pay you muchos pesos. We teamed up with our long-time partner Superimpose again to create this beautiful three dimensional game in Mobile Augmented Reality. It comes with a lot of eye candy 3D characters, a sensible story line and rich user interaction.

Woomba Mania is nominated for the Augmented Planet Readers Choice Awards 2010 in the category “Best Augmented Reality Browser Content”. Vote for Woomba Mania here and win a fantastic Samsung mobile phone! Read more…

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Keynote at MobileTechConference 2010

I had the great honor to give one of the three keynotes at this year’s MobileTechConferencebesides Microsoft and Google. The subject of my talk was “Augmented Reality – From Science Fiction to Mass Medium”. It covered the current state of Mobile AR, sketched out the different pieces of technology that will make their way into the industry and pointed out how they will possibly play together very soon. Besides all the fancy tech we talked about the business side of Mobile Augmented Reality and shed some light on what is driving the different players in the industry and their business cases. Read more…

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Teaching at Good School Hamburg

It was a great honor to give a lecture on AR at the two-day creative workshop about innovative communication technologies at the Good School for marketing and communication in Hamburg on Sept, 4th and 5th. The workshop explicitly addressed senior level strategists at media agencies and marketing departments. I basically contributed an overview about Mobile Augmented Reality and why and how AR is becoming an emerging mass medium of the mobile age. In the afternoon we added some hands-on experience about AR content creation using our Augmented Reality Layar Content Management System Hoppala Augmentation. Read more…

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